How to Set up a VPN?

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a great way of setting up your computers so that you can be able to access data even when you are away from your server. Although most people would rather call an IT technician to set one up for them, you can do it yourself if you learn the basics about how to set up a VPN. This article will give you the basic steps, but these may vary depending on the kind of VPN software that you are using and the operating system that you have. The steps that are in this article are for Vista; other operating systems will be more or less similar.

Basic VPN Setup Steps

– The first thing that you need is an internet connection so set one up. You can use a wireless connection or a modem – it doesn’t really matter which so long as you have a stable connection that is fast.

– You need VPN software. There are many of them and you need to choose depending on your data sharing needs. Some of the more popular ones are Wippen, Social VPN, Hamachi and Open VPN. These are all free so they may not support a lot of functions but if your data sharing needs are basic, they will work just fine. Go online and download your selected software onto every computer that you need to connect.

– You then need to configure your firewalls so that it can allow access to your VPN program. A firewall protects your computer from illegal access and it is designed to automatically reject any programs that are not listed on it. Open your firewall icon and allow add your VPN software to the list of programs that are allowed access.

– After that, open the VPN software on all the computers that need to be connected. Most free software is easy to set up – it will ask you to type in a network name and a user name. Set up one computer, the one that has the data that you want to share. Use a password that is hard to crack but that you can remember easily. Once the initial computer (which is acting as a server) is set up, the others can connect to the VPN by specifying the name of the network and the password.

– If the computers have different users, it is wise that each has their own password. It keeps the system secure. VPN software allows you to have a unique password. If you are using Windows, go to the Network and Sharing Center, then to Home group and Sharing to see the password option.

Your VPN is set up and you can now access data remotely. Once you start using this data access option, you should make sure that your system is secure at all times. Many routers come with inbuilt security options that guarantee more security. When you are shopping for a router, make sure that you look for one that has security functions. You should also upgrade your firewall to minimize illegal access.

It helps if you use the same brand for all the equipment. Different brands may be harder to set up. Set up your router on the highest point and then make sure that all equipment antennas are faced towards it. If you want to minimize interference, set it up in room that has no clutter and position it in the middle.

After you have set up your VPN, you need to see what exactly is being shared. Check that the files that are open to others are the right ones. If you have anything that is private, go to the settings and remove it.

If you don’t want to use a VPN and but want to permanently access geo-restricted content, you can use a premium DNS service like

A Review of Microsoft Surface

If there are any tablets in the market today that have received very good reviews from customers on the internet, the Microsoft Surface must definitely be part of that list. This is one of the most remarkable products that Microsoft has come up with in the recent years. If you have used the product recently, you will agree with me that it definitely feels well made. Again, it is also highly usable and more so contains features that appeal more to most of the Windows tablet users out there.

One thing that sets Microsoft Surface apart from the other tablets that are out there in the market today is that this product has been basically made with the element of productivity in the picture. This explains why you would find many advanced features in this package including optional tactile keyboard functionality. However, in as much as the hardware is pretty much versatile and well built, the Windows Tablet software is so limited on whatever it does. This is the major reason as to why some people might want to review the product negatively.


– Versatile form factor and build
– Micro SD and USB function support
– Great hardware overall


– The interface can be quite confusing for people who have not worked with tablets before.
– The windows tablet store is limited to software selections therefore limiting its performance against other industry giants like Apple.

The bottom line

If you want to buy the Microsoft Surface today, you can be sure that you will be investing in a great product. However, in the meantime, you would have to work with pre-installed software tools since the windows software store is quite limited. There are however a few software packages that might impress you. However, you might not be able to enjoy the true intrinsic experience of using a tablet if you find the windows software store limited. This is one of the elements that have made many people shun buying Microsoft Surface.